How to become popular in Tik Tok from scratch without cheating

1. Hold once a week sweepstakes. Tik tok fans.
To increase the interest of the audience, determine the day and time when you will regularly hold contests with winnings. The opportunity to receive a gift attracts a considerable number of people. First, do not set difficult conditions. It is enough to start with a simple like, subscribe to the channel. Choose a gift that fits your budget — from a cute trinket to a new smartphone. And announce that you are ready to play it among those who fulfill simple conditions.

2. Take part in challenges
Participation in challenges is a free and effective way of promotion. This is a kind of challenge or competition that is watched by millions. The more original and high-quality the idea, its presentation, the more likely it is to attract an audience.

3. Buy ads from popular bloggers
To increase user interest, you can use ads from other bloggers for a fee. Write to the blogger personally, read the price list. The path of promotion depends on the agreed conditions:

indication via @ nickname;
shooting a duet-a joint video;
advertising post.
Some creative bloggers can make duets more interesting than the original videos.

4. Take acting lessons
In most of the videos, the main characters are the authors themselves. Just grimacing in front of the camera, constantly clamped and so on-you will agree, not interesting content. To combat complexes and understand what to do in front of the camera, there are various acting courses. It’s worth learning.

5. Use the app’s special effects
The application has special filters that allow you to make the video even more interesting and dynamic. For example, to count down the time of the beginning of the shooting, or to hide flaws on the face. There are many of them, try each one.

6. Be Real
Don’t try to be a clone. Highlight the strengths, try to focus on them. And believe me, you can become famous without money at the beginning of the journey.

Tik Tok promotion is an easy task if you take it seriously. Try the proposed options, develop your own. Convince them that it is possible to become popular without cheating. Be prepared that the results will take time — not always millions of views start with 1 day of uploading. And most importantly, get high from what you do.

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